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Working with me is straight forward and simple

My process is

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Production
  4. Post Production
  5. Finishing Up


The Research stage begins with a face to face meeting. From this meeting I like to get a good understanding of where my client is currently with the items involved. Some questions that will be asked are:

  1. Do you have a website currently?
  2. If so what do you like about your website?
  3. What would you like to add on to your website, or do better?
  4. What is your ultimate goal for your website?
  5. Are you currently tracking analytical data of your website (via Google Analytics or other analytical tools)?
  6. Have you looked around at other websites in your industry and found things that you like? Or any functionality that could benefit your website.
  7. Is a Mobile version of your website in interest for you?
  8. Do you have any current content you want on your website? If so, are there any changes you need done to it?

These questions and a few others will allow me to get a good feeling of what the scope of the project will be. At the same time these questions will allow me to provide you with an accurate quote.


After we go through some questions and answers in the first stage, there may be some follow up questions. Once I know what the target is there will be another quick meeting to sign some paperwork, and for you to receive your quote.

Once thats completed we move into the Planning of your website.

Planning is where I can take the data collected, and begin working. In this stage I begin wire framing the website, and getting an idea of how the website will function, along with social media, and mobile devices. This allows me to flush out the project to help with the design of the different elements. In this stage, if social media and or a blog is a part of the project, a strategy will be worked on to find the best ways of utilizing those avenues to your benefit, keeping in mind the amount of incoming business and interaction you and your staff can handle.

A couple questions that will be answered as well in this stage are:

  1. What kind of blog subjects would go good into a blog in the clients website?
  2. Would the target customer base be interested in what the client has to say on their blog?
  3. So we try to form a way to match up the clients business to the target demographic as much as possible.

Also in this stage there is back and forth between you and I, so were on the same page and comfortable with the strategies involved.


This is where the work really starts. We take the wireframe and the strategies that we have came up with and find out exactly what different assets are needed for the implementation of those strategies as well as for the next stages. The bulk of the work on the project really is in the Production stage.

In this stage the design for all the different elements gets completed. Including the Website, Social Media profiles, Print materials if needed, etc.

Once everything is properly designed, I will contact you, and confirm that the design is what you have envisioned. There is some room here for changes if needed.

After everything is approved, the development of the website and the different assets of the project is completed. As well as placement of the different types of content that was developed. This includes the images and text portions of your website.

Post Production

Post Production includes finishing up all the loose ends. In this stage I will be testing the websites on all different browsers and hardware to make sure of perfect cross browser compatibility. As well you will have a chance to take a look, and make any minor last minuet changes to the website as well as show your website to friends and colleagues before the launch of the website.

Once that is completed, the website will be migrated from my development environment, to the live hosting site. Again I will go through a process of cross browser compatibility testing just to be sure. As well I will be setting up a Google Analytics account for your website to track the visitors to your website.

If the website we have created has a blog component or is powered by a Content Management System such as WordPress, I will do a face to face training session with you to teach you how to use your custom CMS solution, as well as provide a usage manual so you can teach others on your staff.

Post Project

Once the website has been up for a while, I will be checking in on it on a monthly basis. I like to keep track of my clients websites so I can look for changes or improvements that can be done. If anything comes up I will contact you via email to discuss those changes. As well you are free to contact myself to do maintenance on your website.